About this blog

I am a Mathematics teacher at a medium-sized secondary school in South Yorkshire.

I am also a father of two young children and have yet to master the whole work-life balance thing. Or most other things to be honest.

But, now in my eighth year of teaching, I can honestly say that I love my job. A day at school can he exhausting, challenging, entertaining, surprising, life-affirming, hilarious, emotional, crushing or enormously satisfying. But it is never boring.

This blog is intended as a way for me to reflect on my own teaching practice. New things I have tried, old things I love to keep trying. Things that have worked, things that haven’t. If people like you read it, that would be a bonus, especially if you have your say. Please feel free to leave a comment, and let’s start a conversation.

Mr C.

PS Confession: I do not know how to  use a semi-colon properly. If you read my blog, please be forgiving!


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